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On September 8, 2009, the Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence (Centre of Excellence) officially opened its doors. A creation of the Lands and Resources Commission of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), the Centre of Excellence is mandated to provide support and work with First Nation communities in creating opportunities for the innovative, sustainable and environmentally responsible development of the natural resources within their lands and Indigenous territories.

Many of our Elders across this province speak about the Treaty promises and the economic opportunities which were to rise from these promises.  With this in mind, the Centre of Excellence aims at working alongside and to support the First Nations communities in our province to enable them to take full advantage of opportunities in the Energy/Resource sector such as Oil & Gas and Mining (Uranium, Potash, Gold, Diamonds) and renewable sources of energy such as Wind and Solar Power.

The Centre of Excellence also works to support initiatives that engage more First Nations people in business, educational and employment programs aimed at the Energy/Resource Sector.  It is our hope that by developing meaningful and collaborative relationships among First Nations, Industry, Educational Institutions and all levels of government, that we can build a prosperous future through the sustainable development of First Nation communities.

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